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EMZ Lounge is pleased to offer you our delightful Ewa Agoyin Sauce—a classic and beloved Nigerian dish that is a perfect accompaniment to beans (Ewa).

Our Ewa Agoyin Sauce is a rich and flavorful blend of cooked onions, peppers, palm oil, and a combination of traditional Nigerian spices. The sauce is skillfully prepared to achieve the perfect balance of savoury and spicy flavours, making it the perfect complement to the creamy and tender beans.

Ewa Agoyin is a popular street food in Nigeria, loved for its bold and satisfying taste. At EMZ Lounge, we take pride in preserving the authentic flavours of this traditional dish.

When paired with a serving of freshly cooked and mashed beans, our Ewa Agoyin Sauce creates a delectable combination that will leave your taste buds craving more.

Visit EMZ Lounge and savour the authentic Ewa Agoyin Sauce. Allow the rich and aromatic flavours to delight your palate as you enjoy this beloved Nigerian delicacy. We can’t wait to serve you this classic favourite that will leave you wanting more.

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